FoMD Helping Hands

FoMD Helping Hands - faculty helping faculty build successful careers

Helping Hands is an expanded faculty peer mentoring program in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and is now available to all faculty. We are assembling a cadre of peers as an FoMD resource to assist any faculty member in navigating the path to a successful career. Faculty members have significant resources to assist others including coaching, providing advice, networking with others, and navigating the system. Mentors will assist peers with goals in areas of identified need for success at work and for greatest professional impact. Task-based or overall career mentoring may be provided based on the needs of the mentee. This program will respect the uniqueness of all individuals to enhance the vibrant and diverse FoMD community, and to build psychological safety within FoMD enabling trust in the risks of innovation.

Whether the focus is research, teaching, clinical activity or service to the FoMD, these areas incorporate skills such as collaboration, communication, professionalism, engagement of others, adapting to change, and dealing with complexity. This collection of skills is among those recognized to be key elements in the development of leaders. The program will lead to fulfilled, engaged faculty who are strengthened in the diversity they bring to the FoMD - a stated interest of our Dean.

About the Mentors

All mentors in the Helping Hands program have training in mentorship and many are trained coaches and skilled leaders in the FoMD.

For Potential Mentees

The Helping Hands Program may assist faculty members interested in the following:

  • promotion and tenure ­­
  • focused development in areas such as teaching, research or leadership
  • improving skills in communication, professionalism, etc.

You can become a mentee through:

  • Self-selection by reaching out to the program and requesting a mentor
  • A recommendation from your chair
  • A requirement for skills development such as in a professionalism plan

To request a mentor, please fill out the form at the link below and someone from the Office of Faculty Development (Faculty Affairs) will respond to you shortly.

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