Peer Consultation for Teaching Program


Enhance reflective teaching practice to improve teaching skills and learner experience in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.


  • Improve and share best teaching skills
  • Improve learner experience and enhance learner recruitment
  • Develop and support a community of teachers who are skilled in observing and providing feedback to other teachers.

Why Peer-Consult?

Clinical and classroom teaching is integral to the mission of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta. The faculty members are responsible for teaching learners at a variety of stages (undergraduate, postgraduate, graduate) and in multiple venues. Commonly, evaluation and feedback for such teaching are not received in a timely manner for the teacher to make meaningful changes, and are limited to variably submitted reports from learners, and "teaching awards".

Teachers can observe and provide feedback to other teachers on their teaching skills. If performed effectively, this can provide valuable support for continuous professional development, be included in overall assessment of teaching, and have a positive impact on learners. Peer-review of another's teaching is akin to a consultation, and consists of formally observing a teaching activity, followed by a timely, reflective, constructive and consolidative feedback session. We have adopted the peer-review model, in which teachers observe each other, using a set of mutually agreed upon "rules of engagement" and without power differential or judgment, and with an anticipation of mutual learning, discovery, and community building. The observation does not include evaluation of teaching content on the subject matter. To that end, consultation is provided by an observer outside the department to which the teacher belongs.

Peer-Consultation for Teaching

Trained peer consultants are available to observe and provide feedback to all teachers who request this service.

  • The program offers Peer-Consultation for clinical teaching and classroom teaching (small and large).
  • The observation and feedback are confidential between the teacher and the observer.
  • The observer will be provided with a document/report of the assessment, including suggestions for improvement.
  • Suggested minimum number of observation/feedback is 2 per year with both observations close in time to make a meaningful change to teaching.
  • The teacher can share the document with their Departmental Chair at annual report and/or tenure and promotion.

If you are a teacher wishing to have your teaching observed:

Request an Observation


Peer-Consultation for Teaching Training

To be an effective Peer-Consultant, training in observation and feedback skills and techniques is provided through a structured and standardized program.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Consultant:

Become a Peer Consultant


Additional Resources

Additional resources are available at the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL).