Professionalism Online Reporting Process

The Office of Professionalism is a resource for you within the FoMD.

We are here to promote professionalism and professional behaviours, build a healthy community of practice, help identify educational resources, provide advice when having difficult conversations, and aid you in navigating 'the system' when trying to address unprofessional behaviours, conflicts, mistreatment, discrimination and harassment.

As referenced in our professionalism definition, “professionalism is demonstrated by a series of behaviours and attitudes”. Since we are always integrating “multiple competing priorities in complex and uncertain environments, it is not uncommon for us to demonstrate unprofessional behaviours at times. In these instances, the true measure of our professionalism is not in absolute avoidance of such situations, but in how we handle them, when they do arise. We need to retain insight into our behaviours and actions, demonstrate remorse, and apologize. For those as the recipients of disruptive, unprofessional behaviours or mistreatment, discrimination or harassment, this diminishes your wellness, professional integrity, and psychological safety.

Psychological safety for all workplace members is mandated in Canada, at the University of Alberta, and AHS. Psychological safety is defined as “a climate in which people are comfortable expressing and being themselves” (Edmondson AC. The Fearless Organization 2019).

A professionalism online reporting system was created in October 2013, to help learners and faculty in the FoMD deal with unprofessional behaviours and mistreatment that they might encounter (to submit a concern), in addition to report and celebrate. Over and above professionalism behaviours within colleagues and teachers (to submit an accolade).

If you are experiencing mistreatment, harassment or were the recipient of unprofessional behaviour and/or conflict, you can reach out to the Office of Professionalism via the online reporting system. When you “submit a concern”, you can do so anonymously or confidentially (attaching your name to the concern). If you submit an anonymous concern, we do log the concern, and take actions. However, we have no way to contact you about the actions that might be taken. If you attach your name to the concern, as a confidential submission, a Professionalism Triage Officer will contact you within 3 business days, and will begin the process of helping you deal with the issue. In that case, YOU lead the process, and nothing happens without your consent.

If you experience exceptional professional behaviours from any person within the FoMD, you can submit an accolade. In the submission, you can describe a situation of professional behaviour, and/or professional attributes of a person: what did you appreciate and/or admire in how they helped, or handled things? It is always nice to receive some positive feedback and to be appreciated. That is how we build community within FoMD.

Why report professionalism concerns and accolades?

Our goal is to build a psychologically safe learning environment and workplace within FoMD. Is is up to all of us to create and maintain our culture.

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