French courses

We aim to support students in their work to become flexible thinkers who are active social participants in French and Francophone cultures.

In MLCS, students have the advantage of studying in a multidisciplinary, regionally diverse environment. Scholars engage with Québec, the Caribbean, Louisiana and France. Our topics range from discourse analysis, comics and images, film, culture, translation practice and theory, and history. The diversity in our midst of linguistic, translation, cultural and literary expertise marks this area.

We offer our students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through Community-Service Learning (CSL) courses or through publishing reviews and texts on our Francopains blog.

Our French area encourages study abroad, immersive experiences, and hands-on learning.

General Undergraduate questions can be directed to or 
Dr. Sathya Rao (French - Academic Advisor)



The most current French course Listing is available on Bear Tracks.

Program Requirements

Please read Undergraduate Placement to see if a placement test is applicable to you.

Please access the University of Alberta Calendar for information on the requirements related to Majors, Minors, Honors or Combined Honors in French.