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Faculty of Nursing Internal Funding Opportunities

Below is a summary of the Faculty of Nursing internal funding opportunities. 

Funds are intended to be utilized in a strategic and transformative manner that aligns with the Faculty of Nursing Strategic Plan 2018-2023.

The purpose of the Faculty of Nursing Research Groups is to develop research capacity in a focused area of cutting-edge research.

Faculty of Nursing Matching Funds

Increasingly, funding agencies expect contributions from other funders or the university in order to award research grants and student awards. The Faculty of Nursing and the University have limited resources for this purpose. Although the Faculty of Nursing may be able to offer some funding or in-kind support, there is no guarantee that resources will be available and there should be no expectation that the request will be supported and funding allocated. Other funders should be considered first (e.g., health care agencies, community groups, Vice President Research).

A maximum of $15,000 will be available to a faculty member within a fiscal year.

For more information, please see the guidelines. To fill out the request application form, click here.

Endowment Fund for the Future - Support for the Advancement of Scholarship (EFF-SAS) Research Fund (Application Deadline: November 3, 2023)

The EFF for the Advancement of Scholarship is intended to enhance student experiences through engagement in research, facilitate the integration of teaching and research, and promote research and scholarly activity. Funds are intended to be utilized in a strategic and transformative manner that aligns with the Faculty of Nursing Strategic Plan 2018-2023.

It is recommended that you reference the downloadable guidelines before filling out the final application form. Please fill out the Google form here (NOTE: ONCE THIS FORM HAS BEEN SUBMITTED, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EDIT YOUR RESPONSES). For further questions about the application, please email

Research Allowance (There is no deadline for this funding opportunity, but you must apply within your first year of appointment.)

This grant is intended to support the establishment or transition of research programs for newly hired tenure-track faculty members. It has a term of three years and is intended for primary and secondary research studies (including systematic reviews) in the early stage of a faculty appointment (within one year). It can be used to support staff, equipment, travel/conferences, and infrastructure expenses, including HRDR and library services.

Teaching, Learning, and Simulation Research Grant (Application Deadline: TBA)

The Faculty of Nursing Teaching, Learning and Simulation Research (TLSR) Grant is intended to increase research capacity and to increase knowledge about the use of teaching, learning, and patient simulation in nursing education.

Tenure track faculty may apply for one operating grant per competition as the nominated Principal Applicant. The amount for the award is a maximum total of $20,000, tenable for one year. A maximum of two awards will be granted.

Guidelines and application forms will be available closer to the deadline.


Faculty of Nursing External Funding Opportunities

Please refer to the Faculty of Nursing 2020 Application Procedure Reference Guide for a brief overview of the Nursing Research Office and Research Services Office (RSO) general procedures. It is not a complete guideline; each sponsor and competition has its own guidelines that must be reviewed and followed.

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