Online Reporting

Online Reporting

You can make a disclosure using our online reporting tool.  This tool allows you to disclose wrongdoing via a secure website.  This information goes to the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights and an advisor will follow up with you.

To make an online report, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to make an anonymous report?

Yes. The steps of the on-line report that ask for your name and contact information can be left blank. However, please note that in most circumstances it is difficult to follow up on disclosures of wrongdoing that are made anonymously.

While not mandatory, providing your name and contact information is highly encouraged. The Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights (OSDHR) asks for contact information to enable us to follow up with the person making the report. This allows us to ensure the reporter is aware of appropriate resources and referral options. We will not disclose contact information provided in the report with any other party, except in the circumstances described below.

What do you mean by "safe disclosure"?

Any disclosure of wrongdoing made to OSDHR is confidential. The information provided in reports is not shared by our office with any other party. However, there there are some circumstances where OSDHR is obliged to break confidence and disclose information contained in the report:

  1. Disclosures that allege the harm or exploitation of minors;

  2. Disclosures that raise concerns about imminent harm to self or others.

  3. If obliged to do so as part of a legal process.

Am I able to attach digital files to my report?

Yes. The online reporting tool allows digital files to be attached to a report. You can attach most file types, but If possible .pdf format files are preferred.