Entrepreneurship @Ualberta

Innovation and Entrepreneurship @UAlberta

We offer many services, resources and programs to champion, foster and support knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship. From help launching a research driven spinoff, to patenting or licensing support, to entrepreneurship mentoring and education, to helping students and post-graduates pursue a business idea. The following are our main innovation programs and supports:

UAlberta Heath Accelerator
A health science program providing wet lab, office and collaboration spaces and services. The program has 2 streams; researcher stream and trainee (graduate/post doctorate) stream. Currently there are 12 young companies in the accelerator.

Supports students and post-graduates, helping them become entrepreneurial thinkers and change agents through education, support, collaboration and mentorship. We also help them implement new ideas and create new companies and ventures.

Threshold Venture Mentoring Service (VMS)
Helps develop strong and capable entrepreneurs via coaching and guidance so they own their decisions, rather than relying on others for answers. The program is open to all UAlberta members (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) and is modeled on MIT's (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) highly successful VMS program.

Student Innovation Centre

Collaboration space for students that encourages creativity and innovation. Modelled after business incubators and startup offices, the centre is a basecamp for undergraduates to explore turning ideas into reality. Student led student activities include competitions, maker projects and ventures. Examples of student teams using the centre are: iGEM who is working to combat diseases in honeybees with genetically-engineered organisms, and AlbertaSat who designed and launched Alberta's first satellite.