Alliance Grant Drop-in Sessions

The Research Relationships team at RAS is hosting 3 Alliance Grant Drop-In Sessions for researchers who are either thinking about applying for, or are currently in the process of applying for an Alliance grant. The sessions are not designed to be formal presentations on the Alliance grants program, but rather as an opportunity for researchers to leverage the expertise of the Research Partners with the Alliance grant program.

During the session, we will discuss aspects of the Alliance grant program that the researchers want to hear about from program guidelines, institutional requirements, budgetary considerations, EDI, partners and funding ratio, partner(s) eligibility, project setup and any other discussion topics you would like to hear about.

At the end of the session, you should have a better understanding of the Alliance grant program and how it pertains to your current partnerships, or your plans for leveraging partner funding to the Alliance program in the future.

The sessions will be capped at a maximum of 15 participants to enable a more fulsome discussion. Further sessions will be offered if demand is high.

Please note: The current Alliance Grant Drop In schedule is to be determined. Please check back for further details.

Session information

  • NSERC Alliance Grant Drop In: TBD
  • NSERC Alliance Grant Drop In: TBD
  • NSERC Alliance Grant Drop In: TBD

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