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Worthwhile Informational Interviews - May 8
You have found a company where you would like to work or identified someone on LinkedIn with whom you would like to connect, so what are the next steps? An informational interview can give you many insights into what a company is looking for, the work environment, types of work, career path to get there, and more. Career Advisor Tyree McCrackin will share a common approach to starting your informational interview that may lead to a prospective job in the future.
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Career Fears - Fighting Analysis Paralysis - June Date TBA
You have just landed your feet in your postdoc and you feel like you haven't had a chance to think about what you really want to do. Or you look at the options out there and are paralyzed by what you should do next. Or you have never been employed in the careers that appeal to you and wonder would it be the right thing for you. These are only a few fears that people may have, and we hope you can join us for a conversation that can give you the power to take action.

How to Negotiate?- July Date TBA

You are getting ready for your job interview and have questions about start dates, wages, and more. When should you negotiate? What types of things can you negotiate? Who starts this process and are there ways I can get better at asking for what I need? Join Career Advisor Tyree McCrackin for a discussion about negotiation in a non-tenure track position.
For people who have spent most of their lives in an academic environment, job advertisements often seem to be written in an unknown language. How do I know if I should even apply? Join Career Advisor Tyree McCrackin as he uncovers some of the common mistakes people make in matching their abilities to job advertisements.