Postdoctoral Office

Academic Accelerate Series

Academic Supervision of Postdoctoral Fellows - Series for Faculty Members

The goal is to offer four sessions over the next 5 months based on the survey responses from postdoc supervisors. 

1. Where do my postdocs go? Career outcomes for UofA fellows
Faculty members play a key role in the career planning of postdocs, yet likely wonder what has happened to their faculty's fellows. More than 3500 postdocs have completed their fellowships at the University of Alberta since 2000. Get a sense of how the postdoc population has changed over the years and what their future holds. Hosted by Renee Polziehn, Director of Professional Development, seconded to the Postdoctoral Fellows Office by the VP Research from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. 

Resource: "Where do my postdocs go?"

2. Staying on track
While postdocs no longer have a dissertation to complete, there are many reasons why they can get derailed from being successful in their research. Join our panel members to hear how they keep their postdocs on track and maintain a healthy professional relationship. A great opportunity for discourse on postdoc supervision with fellow faculty and an opportunity to gain some insights into what resources are available for supervisors.

Summary - Stay on Track

Resource: "Mapping Your Future"  

3. Recruiting postdocs
Looking to recruit your first postdoc? Have questions about minimum salaries, letters of offer, accepting an international postdoc, or even the process at the UofA then this session will be for you. Join us to learn about best practices of recruiting a postdoc or perhaps sharing a postdoc with another group.

Postdoc Appointment Administrative Checklist