Dentistry for Life Update

Our first-ever official fundraising campaign, launched in our Centennial year, closes March 31st. Here are a few highlights.

Jessalyn King - 4 March 2020

Boyle McCauley Health Centre (BMHC)

Previous to the Boyle McCauley Health Centre (BMHC) Dental Clinic expansion, there were only four dental chairs in the small, poorly-lit basement of the centre.

In addition to doubling the number of chairs from 4 to 8, the clinic was also moved out of the BMHC and into the Metis Housing Association which provided street-level access and more natural light. Doubling the chairs meant more student rotations, increasing the number of patients seen that would not otherwise have access to proper oral health care.

Since the expansion opened in January 2019, over 3040 patients have received treatment.

Sheri Ball, a patient at the BMHC Dental Clinic, says, “The services helped me regain my confidence to get a job.” Her teeth were in terrible shape and she could not find work in the hospitality area without the ability to smile.

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital (GRH)

At the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital (GRH) Dental Clinic, students continue to provide much-needed care for populations who require specialized equipment. The clinic also provides specialized training in the area of “Special Needs Dentistry”.

Fern Leavens graduated from the DDS program in 2017. She is now back at the School as an Assistant Clinical Professor for Special Needs Dentistry.

"As a student, I gained invaluable exposure working with patients with diverse and I was really drawn to this type of environment and work. I then completed a residency with additional training in hospital dentistry and working with patients with complex and varied medical and dental needs.

"I find it so rewarding to work with a patient who requires a little extra care and attention, and to be able to get them to a place where they are not only free from dental disease but also comfortable with being at a dental clinic and maybe even enjoying our visits.

"As an instructor, I feel privileged to help students with complex and challenging patients and encourage them to grow and expand their skills so that as a profession we can close some of the gaps in care we have now."

On the patient care side, the GRH Dental Clinic has improved access to specialized dental services for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Mr. and Mrs. Saks, say, “We have been using the Glenrose dental services for over 10 years. It is convenient, the fees are affordable and the staff are excellent. We don’t know where we would go if we didn’t have the Glenrose.”

Overall, students expressed how they were more at ease with communicating and treating populations in need which is the outcome of immersing them into community spaces like the Boyle and Glenrose.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Shahed Bayesteh, a 2019 graduate, says that none of his efforts to help others would have been possible without the generous support he received through scholarships.

In high school, Shahed knew he wanted to become a health professional because he was drawn to the promise of positively affecting people’s lives. His calling to become a dentist has been realized through the generosity of our donors.


We ask you to consider donating online to keep the success going. Thank you all for choosing to be a part of this wonderful initiative and to help us be Vital to the Health of our Communities.