Sample MMI Questions

Example 1

In 2007 the Journal of Dental Education surveyed over 1000 dental students and found that 74.7% admitted to some form of cheating during their undergraduate career. The university has asked you to be part of a student focus group to determine how to reduce the incidence of cheating. You are well aware of this behaviour as you have observed the reusing of old assignments on many occasions.

What suggestions would you make to help reduce the incidence of cheating and improve the academic integrity of students?

Example 2

The apartment next door is for rent. The previous tenants were nothing but trouble and have been evicted. Your landlord tells you about a new tenant he has found with more promising credentials. As he tells you about him, you realize that he is one of the drug addicts who was in treatment at a halfway house you volunteer at. You know that this person has a history of relapsing and may not have been completely honest on the application form.

Do you warn your landlord about the person's history or do you keep your knowledge confidential?

Example 3

Your neighbour has a five year old child who has many decayed teeth. The mother asks you for advice because she knows you volunteer for a dental professional and her child is in pain. The mother needs a dentist who will accept monthly payment for treatment. You provide her with different options and coach her on how to seek dental care for a child. One week later you see the mother and ask if she was able to acquire care for the child. She says no.

What do you do?

Example 4

In healthcare professions like dental care, you will be required to establish good working relationships with people from all walks of life. Talk about what you think will be your strengths and challenges in establishing these relationships with your future clients.

Will you have more success or challenges in relation to:

  • young versus old clients
  • clients from different cultures
  • clients at different levels of health

Example 5

A YouTube video of a group of junior high-school boys verbally abusing bus monitor Karen Klein went viral this July. The abuse included taunts, profanity, physical ridicule, and even threats to Karen's person and home, ultimately resulting in her breaking down and crying. The video prompted an investigation on the part of school officials and local police. They were suspended from school and given 50 hours of community service. Klein stated that she would not press charges, partly because of the flood of criticism aimed at the boys.

Do you believe the boys' punishments were just, or what could have been done differently?