Convocation '20: Ravia Dhaliwal

Dr Michelle Meagher - 30 June 2020

In June 2020, Ravia Dhaliwal graduated from the Faculty of Arts with a Combined Honors degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and Political Science. Her honors thesis, co-supervised by Dr. Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika in WGS, focused on barriers to mental health and addiction supports for Sikh Punjabi men in Edmonton. Her research enabled her to write recommendations for policy change related to health access, and she hopes to see this project's findings come to life as policy in the near future. While an undergraduate studying in two distinct disciplines, Ravia was encouraged to think critically and creatively; she was also able to travel to Thailand, Belgium, and the USA as a part of her undergraduate degree. Right now, Ravia is studying for the LSAT and plans to apply to graduate programs in Public Health and Law. Congratulations Ravia!