2022 Dallas Cullen Memorial Lecture


Darcy Lindberg

“miyosin: nêhiyaw (Cree) aesthetics and the revitalization of nêhiyaw (Cree) law


Wednesday, September 28 @ 3:30 - 4:50 MDT

Business Building 1 - 09 & Zoom

All events will be wheelchair accessible and hybrid. For access needs, contact chloe3@ualberta.ca


Beauty, or persuasive aesthetics, has long been integral to the survivance and growth of nêhiyaw/Cree law. When we trace the history of nêhiyaw resiliency over the past hundred years, we see that beautiful legal practices are a thread of this resiliency. Within this beauty lie the precepts of order and persuasion. This talk will explore the aesthetics of nêhiyaw legal ordering, and how beautiful legal practices have enabled nêhiyaw law to be passed generationally, to be embodied within the person, and to continue a tradition of transformation. 


Darcy Lindberg is mixed-rooted nêhiyaw, growing up in Wetaskiwin, with his relations coming from Samson Cree Nation and the Battleford-area in Saskatchewan. He currently is an Assistant Professor with the University of Victoria's Faculty of Law. Darcy has taught courses on constitutional law, Indigenous legal traditions, treaties, and Indigenous environmental legal orders. His master research focused on the gendered aspect of nêhiyaw ceremonies, and the role of nêhiyaw law in potential transformations.  His doctoral research was focused on the revitalization of nêhiyaw ecological law and governance. 

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