What is Agricultural Business Management?

The agricultural business management program provides students with an industry-specific business degree that explores the relationships between key agricultural sciences and the economics of agricultural markets and trade. Focus areas can include farm supply and post-farm processing and marketing sectors, or consulting specializations in crop or livestock sectors. From agricultural and resource economics to animal, plant, and soil sciences, this program gives you both the business skills and the scientific understanding needed to succeed in this global industry.

Is this major for me?

Advance your interests in agricultural business management by gaining both business and scientific skills in this program is jointly offered by the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences and the Alberta School of Business. Coursework challenges students to applied projects that call upon both subject areas, such as drafting an agricultural business plan or working as a group on a theoretical start-up company. 

Students in this program can participate in the Alberta School of Business Co-op Program, one of the top four business programs in Canada. During this co-op you’ll combine classroom learning with on-the-job training to prepare you for global careers that require agricultural management, business and economics, in addition to scientific knowledge.


  • Agri-Food Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Agricultural Loans Officer
  • Agrologist
  • Business Development Officer
  • Food Processing Plant Supervisor
  • Food Processor Consultant
  • Fund Development Professional
  • Investment Advisor
  • Management Consultant
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Policy Analyst
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Feature Careers

Agricultural Commodity Inspectors make sure agricultural products meet government standards for processing, storing, producing, and transporting food. Average salary: $53,226.00

Agrologists offer advice and services related to agricultural and environmental science and technology. They apply scientific principles to the cultivation, production, use, and improvement of plants and animals, and to the management of associated resources.  Agrology is a regulated profession in Alberta. Average Salary: $82,405

Source: Government of Alberta, Occupations in Alberta
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Featured Courses

Principles of Animal Agriculture (AN SC 101)

Principles and practices of modern animal production and management. Brief introduction to the structure of the livestock, poultry, and game ranching industries. Principles of animal management, breeding and feeding. Current issues in animal agriculture. Students gain direct experience with animals in production/research environments.

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Economics of Production and Resource Management (AREC 333)

Application of economic concepts and introduction of management tools related to production decision-making for resource-based businesses. Integration of biophysical and environmental relationships with economic objectives in allocating resources. Introduction to quantitative tools used in applied production management decision-making.

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Food Market Analysis (AREC 384)

Applications of price and market theories to marketing problems and issues for food and agricultural products. Topics include: market structures and marketing functions; price analysis; futures markets; economics of food safety and quality; and international food marketing.

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Strategic Management in Food and Resource Businesses (AREC 484)

Analysis of strategic management concepts and applications to agri-food and resource industries. The development of business and corporate strategies including competitive positioning; sustaining competitive advantage; vertical coordination and strategic alliances in value chains; corporate diversification and global business strategy.

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