Clothing, Textiles & Material Culture

Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology | Major in Clothing, Textiles & Material Culture

This major examines the creative, technical, historical, social, and applied aspects of clothing and textiles, products and interiors. Study how textiles and clothing are designed, produced, sold, and used, and examine issues such as increasing sustainability in the global fashion and textile industry.


You'll develop an understanding of how textiles and clothing affect our comfort and sense of well-being and how aspects of peoples' identities such as age, gender and ability are linked to clothing behavior.

  • Complete a 200-hour practicum to gain professional experience and put your knowledge to the test;
  • Become a Professional Human Ecologist (P.HEc)

Careers in Clothing, Textiles & Material Culture

Sustainable Interior Designer | Visual Merchandiser | Marketing Manager | Design Consultant | Textile Production Manager | Exhibit Designer | Check out UAlberta's Human Ecology Career Guide for more option