Frequently Asked Questions

What Business degree programs are offered?
The School of Business offers the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), BCom Cooperative Education, Bilingual BCom (English and French), BCom Honors, and the BCom After Degree.

How long is the BCom degree?
The BCom degree is a four year program.

Can I enter directly from High School?
Yes. The BCom degree is a direct entry program.

Do high school courses or marks count towards entrance?
Yes. High school grades and courses are required for admission. 

How do you assess applicants for admission?
The Alberta School of Business is a limited enrolment faculty. Admission to the BCom program is not guaranteed to all applicants. Qualified applicants are ranked according to their grade point average (GPA) in the most recent Fall/Winter consisting of at least 15 credits. Applicants are admitted in order until the program quota is full. For ranking purposes, applicants may be placed into separate pools. Admission from these pools will not necessarily be equal. For more information on admission requirements and the selection process, please consult the U of A Calendar.

What is the enrolment target?
The Alberta School of Business BCom degree is a quota program and the faculty receives many more applicants than we can accept in the admission year. The faculty has an overall target number for students registered in all years. Our intake in any year will be variable depending on how many students are continuing from the previous year. New admissions can range from 700-800 students, depending on space available in the faculty.

What is the minimum GPA to apply to the BCom program?
Students must present a minimum GPA of 2.0 to apply to the BCom program. However, it is highly unlikely that a GPA of 2.0 will be competitive for admission. Admission is competitive; meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

What is the competitive GPA?
The competitive GPA can change from year to year as it is based on the quality of the applicant pool and space available in the program quota. Specific admission averages and past applicant profiles are not available as they do not serve as a guarantee for future admission. You should ensure that you apply with the most competitive GPA possible, as admission is competitive.

How is GPA calculated?
The GPA is calculated based on your most recent Fall/Winter session (September-April academic year) where you have completed at least 15 credits (remember that you must have a minimum of 24 credits overall to be eligible to apply). We do not take the best 15 credits - all courses in the Fall/Winter are used in the GPA calculation. The GPA is calculated the same way for all BCom applicants. We do not look at GPA from previous Fall/Winter sessions, if your most recent session contains 15 credits or more. Calculations are based on university transferable courses and will include failed courses taken during the Fall/Winter session. Repeated courses, if previously passed, will not be included in the GPA calculation. The U of A uses a custom 4-point grading scale and GPAs will be converted to that scale.

What is the lowest mark you will accept for transfer credit?
This will depend on your post-secondary institution. Transfer credit will be granted for transferable courses from another post-secondary institution if the grade achieved is at least a C- and the course is applicable to the BCom program. The Alberta Transfer Guide lists some requirements for transfer credit under the specific institution. All courses successfully completed at the U of A are eligible for transfer credit.

What is the application deadline and how do I apply?

Fall 2024 Application Opens - October 1, 2023
Fall 2024 Application Deadline for domestic students - March 1, 2024
Fall 2024 Application Deadline for international students - May 1, 2024
Official Transcript/Document Deadline - June 15, 2024

Apply for Admission to the BCom program.

When will I receive my admission decision?
Students are considered for early admission in April and final admission from June 15 to the end of August. Information on qualifying for early admission is available in the U of A Calendar. To be considered for early admission, you must submit your application for admission and official non-U of A transcript (if applicable) to the Office of the Registrar by February 15, 2024.

What is the Cooperative Education (Co-op) program?
The Cooperative Education program allows students to combine learning in the classroom with real world experience. Students put their academic knowledge into action through 3 terms of relevant, paid work experience.

How does a student apply for the Co-op program?
Students with no more than 75 credits toward their degree are eligible to apply to Co-op. Applicants to the BCom program can apply to Co-op at the same time as they apply to the BCom program. Application to Co-op is separate from application to the BCom program. You must apply for admission to the BCom program prior to applying to Co-op. Please consult the Co-op website for further details.

What is the Cohort Program?

The cohort program places second-year business students in groups with set timetables for their core courses. Each pattern has been designed to be taken as an integrated whole and students are only cohort students (if at all) during their second year in Business. 

Students will complete introductory business courses in their respective cohort pattern. Each cohort pattern permits students opportunities to explore courses offered by other U of A faculties. The program enhances a student's understanding of the core functional areas of business and his/her ability to see business as a complete area of study. Students develop their leadership and communication skills through special projects, group work and competitions. Cohort groups compete against each other during the academic year in the fiercely contested Cohort Cup. The BCom Cohort Program was the first of its kind at the U of A.

Taking these core courses allows for a great basis in selecting their major in Year 3. 

More information about the cohort program can be found here.

Can I speak with a BCom advisor?
Yes you can! You can send us an email to and/or book a virtual advising appointment for prospective students. Each fall, our Recruitment Team visits many schools and participates in events at the U of A. For information on other U of A events, please visit the Office of the Registrar's website.