MBA Capstone Course and Applied Learning

MBA Capstone

Experiential learning is a fundamental component that is integral to the success and development of our MBA students. As such, the MBA program is tailored to provide students with the opportunity to gain first-hand learning and experience by interacting with outside organizations and business partners through capstone projects, applied learning courses, student clubs, internships, and international opportunities.

SMO/SEM 641: Business Strategy

As part of our MBA Capstone Course, students will work in teams with an outside organization to assist with a strategic issue they are facing. Teams will identify the issue, provide potential solutions, recommend a course of action and develop an implementation plan for their client. This course provides students the opportunity to apply what they've learned in the UAlberta MBA to real-world settings and gain first-hand experience working with outside organizations during their studies.

MBA Capstone Report

Applied Learning Courses

The MBA Program offers specific courses that focus on applied learning. These courses are designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply the theory and knowledge they gain in class to outside organizations that are facing strategic issues.

Here are some of the courses offered: