The Admissions Process


Apply to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR):

If you are interested in our program, you should submit an application, which is available on the FGSR Apply for Admission page from September 1 through February 1. The application will ask you to: upload pdf copies of the requirements listed above, provide the email addresses of your referees and pay an application fee. Transcripts and certificates must meet the requirements for academic documents. Original documents are not required at this time.

Review by Business PhD Office:

FGSR will send the application to the Business PhD office where it will be merged with the recommendation letters. Your application will be checked to ensure compliance with FGSR and Alberta School of Business PhD Program standards. You will receive an automated message when all of your references have been received.

Applicants are recommended to rewrite the GMAT or GRE in cases where the score is below the 80th percentile.

Review by Admissions Committee of Specialization:

Each specialization has an admissions committee that reviews applications. After the FGSR application is complete and the PhD office has received the pdf files and references described above, your application will be sent to the admissions committee for review. The committee makes decisions to reject, defer, or accept an application. Most applicants with high potential are deferred and then evaluated as a group in February.

Review by Associate Dean, Business PhD Program:

The Associate Dean reviews the decisions made by the admissions committees and sends letters informing applicants of the outcome.

Review by FGSR:

If the Business PhD Program decides to make an offer, the application is forwarded to FGSR for final review and verification. FGSR will issue an official admission approval letter to successful applicants through the application portal.


updated October 28, 2021