Dr. Jean Cooley Graduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

Donor Information

Annually funded by Dr. Jean Cooley

Award Value

$2,500 for continuing students, $1,250 for entering students

Nomination Deadline


Eligibility Criteria

Field of Study: Analytical Chemistry.

Academic Requirements: Satisfactory academic standing.

Program Requirements: Registered full-time in any graduate degree in the Department of Chemistry, and (1) listed in the analytical division, and/or (2) taking at least half their credits in analytical courses.

Preference: Given first to students with demonstrated involvement in leadership activities within the chemistry community, and secondarily to students demonstrating involvement in the university and/or general community.

Selection: Based on potential and/or achievement in traditional analytical chemistry research.

Other Information:

Awarded to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who identify as female.

Entering Award: students registered in the first year of any graduate program are eligible to hold the Entering Award.  Recipients of the Entering Award may be nominated to hold the Continuing Award per the eligibility rules for the Continuing Award.

Continuing Award: students registered in the master's program are eligible to hold the Continuing Award in year two of their program only.  Students registered in a doctoral program may hold the continuing award for a maximum of three years provided they are not beyond year five of their program.  Renewals are subject to demonstrated satisfactory academic standing.

If there are not enough eligible candidates for this award in the Department of Chemistry in any give year, the award(s) will be offered to students in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology who conduct analytical chemistry and applied analytical chemistry research, with the same selection criteria as described above.


There is no application form; eligible students will be considered automatically by the Department of Chemistry.