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Pulling back the curtain on grad student life...

Being a graduate student is complicated. Sometimes you’re on top of the world. At other times, it seems like you’re the only one feeling alone, unsure of yourself, or at odds with your supervisor.

Look deeper, though, and you'll find many of your classmates quietly facing their own worries. Grad School Confidential is a podcast dedicated to breaking the silence over these academic and personal challenges.

In each episode, we chat with members of the campus community about their experiences with a type of hurdle that you may face. And we offer tips and resources to help you surmount it.

Episode 6. In the Shadow of Trauma

Release Date: July 11, 2022

Grad school is challenging at the best of times. But students who have experienced past trauma may find it especially hard to cope. We speak with two students who embarked on PhD studies while nursing personal wounds. Note: Contains content some listeners may find disturbing. 

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