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Help create life changing experiences by investing in the Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI).

Doing undergraduate research sparks curiosity and unleashes creativity. It takes students out of the classroom and into the field, the lab and the world. It encourages students to take risks and tackle big problems.

High impact experiences

The URI:

  • Creates opportunities for students to do research by funding their interdisciplinary projects.
  • Celebrates achievements through the Festival of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (FURCA) - an annual series of events including posters, presentations, performances, exhibits, and demonstrations from undergraduate students in all disciplines.
  • Equips students with research skills and knowledge through seminars, workshops, class visits, and hands-on opportunities, such as through our undergraduate journal, Spectrum.
  • Builds a culture of undergraduate research at the U of A by helping to integrate undergraduate research and teaching across disciplines.

The impact of your donations

Since 2011, the URI has funded more than 450 interdisciplinary undergraduate research projects. URI has helped thousands of other aspiring researchers take their first steps by providing one-on-one advising, research skill development workshops and other research-related activities.

But creating a campus-wide culture of undergraduate research requires more than supporting individual students. It takes a community of passionate and curious people who believe that students don't come to university to just absorb knowledge.

Undergraduate research provides opportunities for students to take charge of their learning - to learn how to think critically, ask questions, express ideas, and discover how they can become active, engaged citizens and leaders.

Student experiences

“This experience with undergraduate research has had a major impact in my life in terms of deciding which direction I want to go after completing my undergraduate degree. I came into the University of Alberta with quite a closed mind and I feel that this experience has broadened my view on what research is about and has further motivated me to potentially pursue a research career. I have learned so many valuable skills that I believe are rare to learn in regular undergraduate classes and the sense of professionalism that comes along with research is something that I will apply to in my daily life.” Second year, Biological Sciences student, URI Stipend recipient
“The URI project is a phenomenal opportunity for undergraduate students to gain practical research experience outside of the classroom. As it is often difficult to gain this experience until graduate studies, the URI gives students the financial tools to expand their theoretical and methodological understandings while under direct supervision of a university professor. The URI helped solidify my future research goals while equipping me with independent work skills that will help further my professional development and qualifications to progress to graduate school.” Fourth year, Political Sciences student, URI Stipend recipient
“Especially as an undergraduate student, it is not always easy to find research opportunities. Of all the grants and stipends I applied for, only the URI Stipend accepted me. Many stipends look solely at GPA, and while not necessarily a poor metric, doing well in classes does not always translate into passion for a subject, which for research is far more important. Thus, this grant gave me a chance to prove myself as capable and qualified. It also allowed me a chance to reflect on whether this truly was something I was passionate about (hint: it was, and still continues to be).” Second year, Biological Sciences student

They have big questions. You are the answer.

The URI relies on the generosity of donors to support high-impact research experiences for undergraduate students. Every donation to the URI sends a powerful message to our students: The University of Alberta is a place where questions matter.

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