Alcohol Through Your Lens


University of Alberta Wellness Supports is launching a new project titled "Alcohol Through Your Lens" and we would love to hear from you! This initiative invites U of A students to share their thoughts, experiences, and their lens on alcohol – including how they evaluate and associate social norms around drinking. We hope to share these alcohol stories with the greater campus community to create a diverse view of the student experience, and perspective of alcohol and promote discussions around alcohol and its place within campus life.

The Alcohol Through Your Lens Project

A university-wide initiative, this project aims to gather individual stories regarding personal experiences with alcohol. Since alcohol is perceived to be a unique identifier to the lives of university students, there are a lot of conversations that can help shape a representative culture on the use of alcohol. Through the collection of the alcohol stories, we hope to engage in creating an inclusive and comfortable place for discussion regarding alcohol use. The stories will help direct the narrative and provide insight into the perceptions surrounding alcohol use and encourage more students to learn and share a sense of community on campus.

The student experiences are at the heart of our project. We believe that all alcohol-related experiences are valid, important and worth sharing. We will select your anonymous stories and share them via the Wellness Supports website. 

Share Your Story

Common Questions

Is my information anonymous and can consent be withdrawn at a later time?

Yes, all information and stories shared will be anonymous. We do request identifiers (e.g., age, gender, year of study) but it is up to you to decide what you’d like to share. Personal identifiers (e.g., your email) will not be shared with anyone outside of the project work. The sharing of stories will require ongoing consent from the sharers and consent will be obtained in the google form. Consent is ongoing. That is, in the case one wishes to withdraw their consent they can contact to contact the Wellness Supports team directly.

If at any point you wish to remove any information shared, please reach out to Once the information has been collected in the Google Form and integrated into our outreach document (e.g., educational video), you will no longer be able to remove any information shared with our team.

Where will my information be shared?

The information shared via Google Forms will remain anonymous. The stories will be shared on Wellness Supports website in order to provide insight on perspectives of how alcohol has shaped everyone’s experiences. Some personal information will be collected (e.g., your email) while the Google Form is active. This information will not be shared on any platform. Protocols of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPP) will be adhered to at all times.

I don’t drink/don’t drink often. Can I still contribute to this?
Yes, even if you do not drink or do not drink often, you still may have perceptions, experiences or relationships to alcohol. Perhaps someone else’s experiences with alcohol have had a direct impact on you. Regardless of your personal consumption, we encourage everyone to share their experiences with or around alcohol.
How much or how little information can I provide?
The amount of information you share is at your personal discretion. We encourage participants to share in a meaningful way. While there is no character count or limit on how much or little you share, the ideas you want to communicate to us will likely inform the length of your response.
Do I get anything for participating?
Information collected is self-reported, anonymous and at your personal discretion. There are no rewards or gifts offered for participating. However, participating in this university-wide initiative will contribute to creating an engaging and inclusive community where it is safe to discuss alcohol and substance use.
How long will this take me to complete?
Completion times may vary depending on how many questions you choose to answer and how long each response takes. Please note Google Forms does not save information. If a page closes unexpectedly, your information will be lost. For this reason, if preparing a longer response, we encourage you to write out your information in a document and copy and paste it into the Google Form when ready.
Can everyone participate or is this only for university students/ staff?
Alcohol Stories is an initiative primarily concerned with the U of A campus community.  Although experiences and stories may include people from outside the U of A, the main focus of this initiative is hearing from students and how their perceptions of alcohol contribute to our University culture.