Wellness in the Classroom Support for Instructors (WCSI) Program

The Wellness in the Classroom Support for Instructors (WCSI)  Program works in partnership with professors to deliver wellness resources to first-year students as they navigate university life. 

This project aims to help students learn of available resources, build capacity for students to recognize their peers as key support resources, and utilize faculty members and their vital role in helping students access support. Professors and instructors become equipped to respond to trends related to the student life cycle by sharing appropriate and timely resources and participating in the Community of Practice Meetings.

Initially designed to support first-year student experiences,  instructors are encouraged to utilize the WCSI resources for all students in their classroom, as all of our students can benefit from being connected to key campus supports during targeted times throughout the academic year.

Monthly Resource Subscription

Through a monthly email subscription, we provide instructors with resource information on how they can foster wellness in the classroom based on the Student Life Cycle. This cycle outlines the different student stressors and experiences each month of the year. The U of A offers a plethora of resources, and going through them all can feel overwhelming. Subscribers receive assets to share with students via email or PowerPoint slide that reflect themes and respective resources appropriate for that period in the student life cycle. By sharing the resource assets, instructors help play a role in streamlining the resource navigation process for students so they can access help when they need it.

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Community of Practice Meetings

This group of instructors, teaching assistants and staff meet to build and engage in a Community of Practice at the U of A, fostering dialogue around student support and for FYSS group to provide knowledge on the services available to students and how to best refer students to the appropriate services.

Specifically, through our Community of Practice, WCSI  aims to :

  • Continually develop helping skills within the scope of an instructor, eg., how to have referral conversations; examples of approachable language, helping students connect with resources.
  • Engage in a collegial conversation, and an open space to raise new ideas,challenges.  
  • Highlight current trends and experiences on supporting students in the classroom.
  • Discuss content shaped by common membership experiences and concerns.
  • Meet 6 times virtually, twice in the fall/winter term and once in the spring and summer term.

2023 - 2024 Meeting Dates

  • November 15, 2023

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