About Heroes for Health

The Heroes for Health grant program started in 2011 with the purpose of creating opportunities for members of our campus community to share ideas and work together in shaping a healthier campus community. The grant program provides financial support for novel and innovative approaches to support campus wellbeing and promotes partnerships between students, staff, and faculty. These grants are intended to support the start-up costs to plan and implement wellness initiatives of benefit to our campus community.

In alignment with the University of Alberta’s Healthy University Strategic Plan, Heroes for Health grants are offered from the Wellness Supports, Campus & Community Recreation, and Human Resources Health, Safety and Environment. Together, these partners are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our campus community. Wellness Supports is responsible for the coordination and administration of these grants. Funding decisions and approvals are a shared responsibility among the partners.

Overview of Grants:

The following grants are available: 

Heroes for Health Staff Grant (up to $1500)
This grant will fund activities directly intended to benefit staff wellbeing. Projects that involve students and staff will be considered. 

Heroes for Health Community Grant (up to $5000)
This grant will fund activities directly intended to benefit the greater campus community (student, staff, and faculty). Projects that involve partnerships between students and staff are preferred.

Adjudication Process:

All submissions will be adjudicated by the Wellness Supports student adjudication committee and the partners of Heroes for Health (Campus and Community Recreation and Human Resources Health, Safety and Environment ).

Download the Eligibility Guidelines