Grant Recipients

Past community projects funded by Heroes for Health grants

Calm Room
Created by members of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, Calm Room is a space that supports mental health through activity in a nature-inspired, tranquil environment. Space where students can take a break and manage stress through multisensory activities such as lego, painting, puzzles, solitary games, and yoga.

ICC (Indigenous Campus Community) Nutrition Program
A program aimed to bridge the traditional diets of First Nation, Metis, and Inuit (FNMI) with modern diets through preserving indigenous traditions through food for all campus members (indigenous and non-indigenous). The program will consult with members of the Indigenous campus community through a focus group that will shape nutrition workshops during the school year for indigenous and non-indigenous campus members.

BioSci’s Wellness in the Workplace
A wellness workshop series for graduate students, faculty, and staff of the Biological Sciences Department. Monthly, a workshop will be conducted. These workshops will be on a variety of topic areas such as informational seminars on services offered on campus such as HIAR, CCS to techniques for mental and physical wellness like yoga/fitness instruction, art/music therapy, healthy eating, mindfulness. This initiative aims to provide its audience with a toolbox of strategies to maintain healthy physical, mental, and social lifestyles, increase awareness of the services offered on campus, and to build a supportive and engaged workplace.

Combating Food Insecurity at the UofA: Grocery Buses and Campus Kitchens
To tackle the issue of food security at the U of A, Campus Food Bank has started the grocery bus and campus kitchen program to increase access to healthy food for campus members. They plan to run this initiative throughout the next school year!

LAB Snacks
Providing an opportunity for students on the Augustana campus to get healthy snacks to refuel and regroup during the exam season. This project aims to deal with the lack of healthy food students may be consuming during the semester but most especially during the exam season.

Zen Den
Modeled after Alberta Health Services’ Zen Den, this space is created to support the mental health of staff by having a dedicated space for a break. It aims to improve the mental health of those who access it, allowing for a space to retreat and collect oneself, and decrease days staff are away due to stress and illness. In the Zen Den, you can find a comfortable, tranquil space with meditative music, the opportunity for yoga, guided meditation, and other mindfulness activities. This room will soon be available for the Office of the Dean of Students staff.

Reinvigorated Law Wellness
Through offerings of various activities that focus on the dimensions of wellness, the Faculty of Law is hoping to continue their LawWellness program which aims to encourage students to become more in tune with their own personal health and wellness, and to support opportunities for students to engage in wellness-related activities. The program will mainly focus on emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, physical wellness, social, and spiritual wellness.