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Alireza Nouri, PhD, PEng



School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering


My research activities are primarily in the area of petroleum geomechanics. My current focus is on developing numerical and physical model tests for the prediction of sand production, hydraulic fracturing, caprock integrity, and wellbore stability.

My research interests include:

  • Numerical prediction and physical model testing of sand production from producer and injector wells
  • Numerical simulation of hydraulic fracturing
  • Linked hydraulic fracturing and proppant transport model in the simulation of frac-pack placement
  • Geomechanics of oil shale and gas shale reservoirs
  • Geomechanics of SAGD and CSS reservoirs
  • Surface subsidence or heave
  • Continuous rock failure prediction and model calibration
  • Caprock integrity analysis for thermal and non-thermal reservoirs
  • Numerical modelling of sand production from CHOPS wells
  • Wellbore stability and formation damage issues
  • Physical and mathematical modeling of borehole breakouts

Current Research

  • Laboratory investigation of sand production
  • Numerical and physical model investigation of failure mechanism and geometry around an oil well in relation to rock properties
  • Numerical modeling of sand production from producer wells
  • Numerical simulation of hydraulic fracturing around injector wells
  • Numerical simulation of frac-packing operation
  • Numerical simulation of SAGD caprock integrity
  • Rock degradation around injection wells
  • Numerical simulation of sanding from injector wells in weakly consolidated sandstone formations
  • Constitutive model development for weak sandstones
  • Coupled geomechanical and reservoir modeling of cold heavy oil production with sand
  • Investigation of sand consolidation under field conditions
  • Numerical modeling of sand production using Discrete Element Method
  • Study of regularization methods and their implementation in numerical analysis