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Martin Barczyk, PhD, PEng

Assistant Professor


Mechanical Engineering

About Me


  • Ph.D. in Control Systems, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alberta
  • M.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alberta
  • B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering, McGill University


My area of focus is Mechatronics - Mechanical Engineering systems augmented with Feedback Control Theory, State Estimation & Data Fusion, Sensor and Actuator hardware and Computer software - and its application in fields such as robotics, aerial and wheeled autonomous vehicles, manufacturing, and consumer electronics. As computing power and sensing technology continue to become more powerful, smaller and cheaper year after year, Mechatronics continues to enable entirely new classes of mechanical systems, from legged robots and self-driving cars down to self-balancing unicycles and autonomously navigating vacuum cleaners.

During grad school my research was focused on state estimation techniques and their implementation onboard an autonomous helicopter UAV. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to implement and validate my designs onboard hardware and see them perform in real-world conditions. A related project I worked on was the development of a minimum-complexity dynamics model of the helicopter UAV and identification of its parameters for model-based design. I then did a two-year postdoc at Ecole des Mines in Paris, France where I worked with an autonomous wheeled robot and became interested in SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) as a testbed for novel state estimation techniques. This also led to developing a new approach to estimating the covariance of estimates obtained from scan matching of images from the onboard depth camera.

As a new prof in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the U of A, I am now in the process of setting up a research group in Mechatronics Systems. I am seeking to (a) build and expand upon my earlier research work, (b) set up challenging testbeds for investigating novel control and state estimation techniques, and (c) explore new applications for mechatronics in traditional mechanical engineering areas such as HVAC, manufacturing and thermofluid systems. If you would like to pursue graduate studies with me in these areas, please email me with your CV and transcript and tell me about yourself and your research interests.


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