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Michael Lipsett, PhD, PEng



Mechanical Engineering

About Me


  • Ph.D. Queen's University (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Graduate Diploma, Kyoto University, Japan (Applied Systems Science),


My research interests focus on the reliability of complex energy systems, especially in oilsands. Reliability is the likelihood that some system will remain operating properly for a required length of time. As systems become more complex, it becomes harder to predict whether something will last, and what to do as a system begins to fail.

I am currently working primarily on integrated oilsands systems, an area which combines systems modeling and analysis, reliability engineering, and classification techniques. I conduct research on improving the reliability of railway brake systems in cold weather. I am also interested in robotic systems for remote and hazardous environments, such as robotic aircraft to monitor pipelines for leaks, and rovers for ensuring that tailings deposits are safe. This work, which includes remote sensing as well as direct sampling of soils is part of making industrial processes more sustainable.

As Ernest and Gertrude Poole chair in Management for Engineers, I coordinate teaching in the areas of engineering finance, operations research, modelling and simulation of technological and business process, and management of people. I also conduct research that link engineering aspects of technology, processes, and people.


(Partial List, journals only since 2012)

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