The F. M. Salter Lectures on Language

The F.M. Salter Lecture on Language was established in 1988, in commemoration of Professor Frederick M. Salter (1895-1962), a former Cape Breton coal miner, Author and Scholar, who first served this Department as a lecturer in 1922, becoming a permanent member of the faculty in 1939, and serving as Head in the early 1950's. Salter was a specialist in early English literature, authoring an important study of Medieval Drama in Chester, but his greatest influence was as a teacher of creative writing. He established this country's first creative writing course in 1939, the year he was hired, and went on to teach such luminaries as Rudy Wiebe, who delivered the Salter Lecture in 1992, and WO Mitchell. In 2005, FM Salter was named one of the 100 Edmontonians of the Century (formal recognition of Edmontonians who have made a significant impact on the development of Edmonton as a community).

2020 - Mark Morris, “Sow those Landmines and Make America Great Again! Or: What do we teach when language can no longer be trusted?”
2018 - Christine Wiesenthal, “Anne Carson’s Experimental Translation Poetics: Art, Risk, Ethics”
2015 - Harvey Quamen, "Written in Code: Computers as Language Machines"
2013 - Keavy Martin, "‘A treaty. A shadow.’ Rethinking Relationships through Indigenous Literary Studies"
2011 - Patricia Demers, "Discovering Cree–With Expert Help"
2009 - Christine Stewart, “A Practice of Reading: Propositions From Under Mill Creek Bridge”
2007 - Stephen Reimer, “From Edmonton to Camelot: Pursuing King Arthur down the Information Highway”
2005 - Christopher Gordon-Craig, “In Quest of Perfection: Pitfalls in Textual Editing”
2003 - Greg Hollingshead, “Working the Air Loom: On Writing Eighteenth Century Fiction”


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