If this is an emergency

If this is an emergency

Follow the appropriate emergency procedures.

If you have a hazard concern

Report to oem.manager@ualberta.ca

Report an incident, injury or near-miss event

The Incident Portal should be used to report an incident, injury or near-miss event involving university faculty, staff, students, or visitors who were conducting activities on behalf of the U of A. The portal should be used regardless of whether the incident arose on or off university property.

More information at HSE about reporting an injury or incident.

Did you receive a U of A Alert?

  • Pass it on! The quicker everyone around you is notified, the quicker everyone acts. Not everyone has to wait for their own U of A Alert to arrive before taking action.
  • Follow the instructions. Depending on the event, for your safety, you may be asked to avoid a specific building, remain indoors, take shelter, report suspicious activity to UAPS at 780-492-5050 or stay away from campus.
  • Unless you are directed to stop and leave campus, it is business as usual except for the affected area described in the alert.
  • Wait for UAPS to tell you if it's safe to re-enter a building or campus.
  • Not sure if classes and the work day are cancelled? Check the UAlberta.ca homepage.