GSA President

"The President is the chief executive officer of the GSA and is responsible for the GSA's overall operations as well as external and University affairs " (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section D.BYL.2.2.a).


Bishoi Aziz



Bishoi was born in Egypt, where he obtained his MD degree in 2013. Following graduation, he started his residency training there in gastroenterology and hepatology. During the residency, he held the position of chief resident where he advocated for his colleagues of physicians and nurses to obtain higher quality protective equipment, so they can work in a safe environment. Bishoi immigrated to Canada and started his clinical MSc studies at the division of gastroenterology when he graduated in 2021 and started working as a research coordinator at the division of pediatric gastroenterology. Bishoi began his own Ph.D. project in winter 2022, becoming passionate about using artificial intelligence (AI) to advance medical technologies.

In his free time, Bishoi enjoys percussion on the Latin American drum, Cajón. He is also fond of diving especially in tropical seas where he enjoys playing around the colorful reefs and fish schools. He holds a diving license that permits him to dive in restricted national parks around the world.


Bishoi has a profound excitement about education and academia that started from his medical school years. He believes that students have a lot to offer to advance the academic experience when collaborating with the University staff members. During his MD years, he was the leader of the Standing Committee of Medical Education (SCOME) of the Egyptian Medical Students Association (EMSA) branch in Assiut University, Egypt. EMSA represents Egyptian medical students in the World Health Organization (WHO). He and his team cooperated with the departments' heads of different medicine departments to start a shadowing program for the medical students, a program that wasn’t available before in his school. During his PhD, Bishoi was elected as the GSA VP Academic for the year 2022/2023. He was active advocating on behalf of the graduate students about the different academic matters. He managed to considerably advance the project of PhD guaranteed minimum funding package. Bishoi is passionate to continue his advocacy activity. This will be Bishoi's second term with the GSA, his first as President.