Voting in the 2023 GSA General Election closed at 10:00 AM (MST) on Thursday, 2 March 2023. The Chief Returning Officer of the GSA has released the official results of this election.

As outlined in GSA Bylaw and Policy, “the candidate(s) with the highest number(s) of votes will be successful, in accord with the number of positions available” (Section I.POL.12.5.b).

2023 GSA General Election Official Results

GSA President

Elected: Bishoi Aziz

Bishoi Aziz 449 
None of the Candidates 162 


GSA VP Academic

Elected:  Rija Kamran

Rija Kamran 303 
Aizle Bernardo 114
Divya Maisuaiya 61*
None of the Candidates 102 


GSA VP External

Elected: Hamid Hassani

Hamid Hassani 296
Saad Arsan Iqbal 235
None of the Candidates 125


GSA VP Student Life

Elected: Tiffany Kung

Tiffany Kung 278
Hadi Mokarizadeh 253
None of the Candidates 109


GSA VP Student Services 

Elected: Haseeb

Haseeb 197
Peyman Aghdasi 149
Maya Shinde 133
Pruthak Patel 101*
None of the Candidates 91 


GSA Councillors-at-Large (10 positions) 


  • Eric Beaudry
  • Arseniy Belosokhov
  • Haroun Elyasir
  • Shubham Goswami
  • Harsh
  • Sandeep Kumar
  • Laura Manerus
  • Rob McWeeny
  • Rajdeepsinh Solanki
  • Goldy T.R.
 Eric Beaudry 359
None of the Candidates 139


 Arseniy Belosokhov 325
None of the Candidates 177


 Haroun Elyasir 336
None of the Candidates 143


 Shubham Goswami 307
None of the Candidates 175


Harsh 302
None of the Candidates 191


Sandeep Kumar 337
None of the Candidates 160


 Laura Manerus 351
None of the Candidates 138


Rob McWeeny 296
None of the Candidates 175


Rajdeepsinh Solank 338
None of the Candidates 156


Gold TR 306
None of the Candidates 178


Voter Turnout: 8.74%

Total Eligible to Vote 9134
Total Eligible Ballots 798


2023 GSA Associate Vice-President Labour Election Official Results

GSA Associate VP Labour

Elected: Muneeb Masood Raja

Muneeb Masood Raja 106
Sonalika Patel 81*
None of the Candidates 43


Voter Turnout: 10.8%

Total Eligible to Vote 3910
Total Eligible Ballots 423


* As the result of alleged breaches against the candidate, various penalties were issued by the CRO, resulting in a deduction in total received votes, rounded to the nearest whole vote. Please see the CRO Decisions for the 2023 GSA General Election and Election of the Associate Vice-President Labour for details, on the Elections and Referenda page.


Please direct any questions to the GSA Chief Returning Officer at: