Elections & Referenda Archive

Past Referenda

2021 U-Pass Referendum

2021 Graduate Student Assistance Program (GSAP) Referendum

2021 GSA Referenda - VP SS Statement

2017 Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) Referendum

2014 Non-Binding Referendum on the Athletics and Recreation Fee

2013 Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) Referendum

2010 Physical Activity and Wellness Centre (PAW Centre) (Passed)

2010 U-Pass Fee Increase (Passed)

2010 U-Pass Spring-Summer (Passed)

2008 Graduate Student Assistance Program (GSAP) (Passed)

2007 U-Pass (Passed)

2003 Health and Pharmaceutical Plan (Passed)

2003 GSA Building Fund Levy (Failed)

2001 CJSR Radio (Passed)

2001 Alberta Graduate Council (Passed)

1999 Health Plan (Failed)

1999 Academically Employed Graduate Students (Passed)

1994 Health and Dental Plan (Passed)

Please direct any questions to the GSA Chief Returning Officer at gsa.elections@ualberta.ca.