Voting in the 2022 GSA General Election closed at 10:00 AM (MST) on Thursday, 3 March 2022. The Chief Returning Officer of the GSA has released the official results of this election. 

As outlined in GSA Bylaw and Policy, “the candidate(s) with the highest number(s) of votes will be successful, in accord with the number of positions available” (Section I.POL.12.5.b).

2022 GSA General Election Official Results

GSA President

Elected: Anas Fassih

Anas Fassih 455
None of the Candidate 111


GSA VP Academic

Elected: Bishoi Aziz

Bishoi Aziz 282
Dweej Shah 223
None of the Candidates 84


GSA VP External

Elected: Janmejay Rao

Janmejay Rao 260
Iraban Turjo 152
Saad Arslan Iqbal 131
None of the Candidates 73


GSA VP Labour

Elected: Hiren Kaklotar

Hiren Kaklotar 451
None of the Candidates 124


GSA VP Student Services 

Elected: Monisha Vinod

Monisha Vinod 283
Paresh Kumar 217
None of the Candidates 92

GSA Councillors-at-Large (10 positions) 


  • Riya Midha,
  • Md Saeed Siddik,
  • Laura Manerus,
  • Preetam Panja,
  • Mandeep Rainu,
  • Jeremie Mahaux,
  • Md Saiful Hoque,
  • Pratima Singh,
  • Eric Beaudry, and
  • Syed.

Riya Midha 374
None of the Candidate 97


Md Saeed Siddik 358
None of the Candidate 104


Laura Manerus 372
None of the Candidate 89


Preetam Panja 365
None of the Candidate 106


Mandeep Rainu 372
None of the Candidate 102


Jeremie Mahaux 311
None of the Candidate 128


Md Saiful Hoque 362
None of the Candidate 100


Pratima Singh 381
None of the Candidate 98


Eric Beaudry 268
None of the Candidate 97


Syed 317
None of the Candidate 136



Voter Turnout 

Total Eligible to Vote 9192
Total Eligible Ballots 677


Total voter turnout was 7%.

Please direct any questions to the GSA Chief Returning Officer at: