2013 GSA General Election

The GSA Chief Returning Officer has announced the official results of the 2013 GSA General Election. Names are as they appeared on the ballot and vote totals represent the final results from preferential voting.

GSA President - Winner: Brent Epperson
Brent Epperson 473 votes
Ravinder Singh 156 votes
GSA Vice President Academic - Winner: Colin More
Colin More 441 votes
GSA Vice President Labour - Winner: Simarjit Bal
Simarjit Bal 352 votes
Md Saifur Khan 215 votes
GSA Vice-President Student Services - Winner: Megha Bajaj
Megha Bajaj 389 votes
T.M. Fahim Amin 259 votes
GSA Vice-President Student Life - Winner: Mohammed Haroon
Mohammed Haroon 462 votes
Qiang Li 184 votes
Micaela Santiago 123 votes
GSA Councillors-at-Large - Winner: All 5 Candidates
Nathan Andrews 126 votes
Asif Siddiqui 97 votes
Richard Zhao 56 votes
Isaac Odoom 49 votes
Shiv Vembadi 42 votes

If you have any questions, please contact the GSA Chief Returning Officer at: gsa.elections@ualberta.ca