GSA Council Membership


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Name (Current)

President Sasha van der Klein
VP Academic Masoud Aliramezani
VP Labour Beth Richardson
VP External Zhihong Pan
VP Student Services Fahed Elian 
Speaker Pranidhi Baddam
Deputy Speaker (non-voting) Raji Chokkalingam
Senator (non-voting) Ahsan Ahmed
Chief Returning Officer (non-voting) Vahid Ayan
Deputy Returning Officer (non-voting) Amritha Jaya Prasad
Councillor-at-Large Mahmud Rashedul Amin
Councillor-at-Large Radhika Chakraberty
Councillor-at-Large Osman Hojanepesov
Councillor-at-Large Amran Howlader
Councillor-at-Large Peter Jun
Councillor-at-Large Nuanyi (Natalie) Liang
Councillor-at-Large Kanishk Patel
Councillor-at-Large Marc Waddingham
Councillor-at-Large Melissa Woghiren
Councillor-at-Large Andrew Woodman
Agriculture, Food & Nutritional Science Hongbing Fan
Anthropology Megan Paranich
Art & Design Vicki Kwon
Biochemistry Brianna Greenwood
Biological Sciences Ruhul Amin
Biomedical Engineering Kevin Solar
Business MBA Teddy Carter
Business PhD
Cell Biology Brett Roughead
Chemical and Materials Engineering Kasturi Nagesh Pai
Chemistry Micheal Armstrong
Civil and Environmental Engineering Pedro Mateo
Communication Sciences & Disorders Lyndsay Moore
Computing Science Dylan Ashley
Dentistry Julia Piche
Digital Humanities Kenzie Gordon
Drama Deneh'Cho Thompson
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Alex Sheen
East Asian Studies Alexandra San Diego
Educational Policy Studies Areej Alshammiry
Educational Psychology Chantal Labonté
Educational Studies
Electrical and Computer Engineering Sameir Deif
Elementary Education Nicole Jamison
English and Film Studies Krista Cote
Faculté Saint Jean
History and Classics Bethany McMillan
Human Ecology Jonathan Lai
Internetworking Shweta Sridharan
Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Janita Frantsi
Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Jiaao Yu
Library and Information Studies Tabatha Plesuk
Linguistics Alexander Rice
Mathematics and Statistical Sciences Michelle Michelle
Mechanical Engineering Milad Rezvani
Medical Genetics Nicole Noel
Medical Microbiology & Immunology Brendan Todd
Medicine Nariman Sepehrvand
Modern Language and Cultural Studies Shahnaz Shahtoosi
Music Subash Giri
Native Studies
Neuroscience Rebecca Long
Nursing Jennifer Stevenson
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Occupational Therapy Heather Capel
Oncology Braden Chow
Pediatrics Khushmol Dhaliwal
Pharmacology David Tandio
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Hamdah Al Nebaihi
Philosophy Tugba Yoldas
Physical Therapy Kimberly Dice
Physics Scott Karbashewski
Physiology Yilun Wu
Political Science Jason Zhang
Psychiatry Daniela Gomez
Psychology William Service
Public Health Alexandra Loverock
Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging
Rehabilitation Science Alesha Reed
Religious Studies Lea  Lavy
Renewable Resources Jared Fath
Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology
Secondary Education Robert Piazza
Surgery Jonathan Mora
Women's and Gender Studies Samantha Wesch
GSA Executive Director (non-voting) Courtney Thomas
GSA Associate Director (non-voting) Julie Tanguay
GSA Assistant Director (non-voting) Lisa Hareuther

Updated September 20, 2018