GSA Council Membership


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Name (Current)

President Marc Waddingham
VP Academic Sachiketha Reddy
VP Labour Umesh Nimmathi
VP External Anas Fassih
VP Student Services Sridhar Parasharamatham
Speaker Pranidhi Baddam
Deputy Speaker (non-voting) Priyanka Maripuri
Senator (non-voting) Marla Palakkamanil
Chief Returning Officer (non-voting) Michael Huang
Deputy Returning Officer (non-voting) To be filled
Councillor-at-Large Dylan Ashley
Councillor-at-Large Md Solimul Chowdhury
Councillor-at-Large Zeenat Ladak
Councillor-at-Large Paramita Chaudhuri Basu
Councillor-at-Large Nadia Daniel
Councillor-at-Large Tejasai Kommanpalli
Councillor-at-Large Gopu Rakshith Reddy
Councillor-at-Large Yashita Singh
Councillor-at-Large Muhammad Zubair
Councillor-at-Large Neslihan Akpinar
Indigenous Graduate Students' Association (IGSA) Councillor Deanna Starr
Agriculture, Food & Nutritional Science Zhiying Wang
Anthropology Kyla Cangiano
Art & Design Matthew Lapierre
Biochemistry Allan Yarahmady
Biological Sciences Jessica Grenke
Biomedical Engineering Kevin Solar
Business MBA Georgio Cheruvelil
Business PhD Maggie Cascadden
Cell Biology Sophie Keegan
Chemical and Materials Engineering Omnath Ekambaram
Chemistry Arsh Hazrah
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Communication Sciences & Disorders Emily Bate
Computing Science Fernando Hernandez Garcia
Dentistry Harsimrat Kaur
Digital Humanities Jennifer McDevitt
Drama Colette Slevinsky
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Qi Chen
East Asian Studies Alexandra San Diego
Economics Jasen Aussant
Educational Policy Studies Carrie Karsgaard
Educational Psychology Lauren Trafford
Educational Studies
Electrical and Computer Engineering Md Monir Hossain
Elementary Education Yina Liu
English and Film Studies
Faculté Saint Jean
History and Classics Jane Allred
Human Ecology Jessica Kennedy
Internetworking Muhammad Idrees Afzal
Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Elaine Yip
Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Janet Zhou
Library and Information Studies Jenn Laskosky
Linguistics Scott Perry
Mathematics and Statistical Sciences Nishant Agrawal
Mechanical Engineering Shahed Taghian Dehaghani
Medical Genetics Adrianne Watson
Medical Microbiology & Immunology Kevin Joannou
Medicine Aristeidis Boukouris
Modern Language and Cultural Studies Amber Peters
Native Studies
Neuroscience Charbel Baaklini
Nursing Cybele Angel
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Occupational Therapy Valene Cheah
Oncology Braden Chow
Opthamology Matthew Benson
Pediatrics Shubham Soni
Pharmacology Erika Poitras
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Hamdah Al Nebaihi
Philosophy Julian Chow
Physical Therapy Kimberly Dice
Physics Clinton Potts
Physiology Robert Reklow
Political Science Elise Sammons
Psychiatry Precious Amusan
Psychology Lane Liddle
Public Health McKenzie Tilstra
Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging
Rehabilitation Science Carlee Wilson
Religious Studies Lea Lavy
Renewable Resources Beckett Stark
Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology Michael Huang
Secondary Education Robert Piazza
Surgery Lindy Schaffrick
Women's and Gender Studies
GSA Executive Director (non-voting) Courtney Thomas
GSA Associate Director (non-voting) Erika Heiberg

Updated 26 Aug 2020