GSA Council Membership


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GSA Council Membership
Department/Position Name
President Bishoi Aziz
VP Academic Rija Kamran
VP External Hamid Hassani
VP Student Life Tiffany Kung
VP Student Services Haseeb Arshad
Associate VP Labour Muneeb Masood Raja
Speaker Farhan Khalid
Deputy Speaker (non-voting) Camila Rodrigues de Freitas
Senator (non-voting) Ola Mabrouk
Chief Returning Officer (non-voting) Sophie Shi
Deputy Returning Officer (non-voting) Zain Patel
Councillor-at-Large To be filled
Councillor-at-Large Arseniy Belosokhov
Councillor-at-Large Haroun Elyasir
Councillor-at-Large Shubham Goswami
Councillor-at-Large Harsh
Councillor-at-Large Sandeep Kumar
Councillor-at-Large Laura Manerus
Councillor-at-Large Rob McWeeny
Councillor-at-Large Rajdeepsinh Solanki
Councillor-at-Large Goldy T.R.
Indigenous Graduate Students' Association (IGSA) Councillor Hannah Louis
Agriculture, Food & Nutritional Science -
Anthropology Uthman Khan
Art & Design -
Biochemistry Andrew Poholka
Biological Sciences Samantha Tan
Biomedical Engineering Carly Weber
Business MBA Nahid Shaikh
Business PhD -
Cell Biology Andy Chen
Chemical & Materials Engineering Meghana Jois
Chemistry Amanda Nhi Tran
Civil & Environmental Engineering Kiera Greenaway
Communication Sciences & Disorders Cassandra Baragar
Computing Science Max Lishchynskyi
Dentistry Michelle Bay
Drama Zhuohao Li; Lyudmyla Honcharova (alternate)
Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Shaun Woudstra
East Asian Studies -
Economics -
Educational Policy Studies1 Shuai Yu; Guadalupe Montserrat Rodriguez Cornejo
Educational Psychology1 Scott Taylor
Electrical & Computer Engineering -
Elementary Education1 -
English & Film Studies -
Faculté Saint Jean Franck ASSE
History, Classics & Religious Studies -
Human Ecology Karen Fraser
Internetworking -
Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation -
Laboratory Medicine & Pathology Taylor Walsh
Law -
Library & Information Studies Maia Trotter
Linguistics Aarya Menon
Mathematics & Statistical Sciences Pouneh Mohammadi Nejad
Mechanical Engineering Kineshta Pillay
Media & Technology Studies Michaela Morrow
Medical Genetics Connor Oborn
Medical Microbiology & Immunology

Calvin Gordon

Medicine -
Modern Language & Cultural Studies Laya Soleymanzadeh
Music -
Native Studies -
Neuroscience Saeed Ataei
Nursing Nancy Hammer
Obstetrics & Gynecology Rebecca Reif
Occupational Therapy Alicia Chichak
Oncology Fateema Muzaffar
Opthamology Constantin Mouzaaber
Pediatrics Alyssa Wiedemeyer
Pharmacology -
Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Ahmed Ahmed
Philosophy Farid Saberi
Physical Therapy -
Physics Abhinab Mukhopadhyay
Physiology Grace Essuman
Political Science Victoria Young
Psychiatry Emilie Desnoyers
Psychology Cheryl Pan
Public Health

Clinton Ekaeze

Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging -
Rehabilitation Science Wendy Amoako
Renewable Resources Nicole Lau
Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology Innocent Bahati Katulunga
Secondary Education1 -
Sociology Yan Xue
Surgery Diksha Sharma
Women's & Gender Studies -
GSA Executive Director (non-voting) Lewie Moodley
GSA Associate Director (non-voting) Cindy Roose

Updated 20 March 2024

1. On 18 July 2022, GSA Council approved a resolution that a resolution that, notwithstanding GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section C.POL.3.1.c, effective July 2022 departmental seats from the Faculty of Education on GSA Council will be reflective of the faculty structure as of June 2022, with said resolution to remain in effect pending annual consultation with the GSA Speaker and the departmental representatives, and/or further amendments to GSA Policy concerning the composition of GSA Council (as approved by GSA Council).