GSA Council Meeting Material

The Agenda is prepared each month in accord with GSA Bylaw and Policy on GSA Council.

GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section C: GSA Council, GSA Policy, GSA Council, Section C.POL.4.3.a states that "members of GSA Council who wish to place an item on the Agenda should contact the Speaker."


21 September 2020 GSA Council Meeting Materials

Please note that this meeting will take place virtually via the application Zoom. You may register to participate in this meeting via THIS LINK.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. You will be able to choose to join through Zoom, or a toll-free phone call.


Complete Meeting Materials Package


Itemized Materials:

Item 1 - GSA Council Agenda 17 August 2020 (Second Mailing)

Item 1 - GSA Council Agenda 17 August 2020 (First Mailing)

Item 2i - Minutes 20 July 2020 of the GSA Council Meeting

Item 5i - ab-GPAC Overview

Item 5ii - ab-GPAC Membership Fees Consultation Letter and Associated Attachments

Item 6i - Nominees for Renewal of GSA ACB Positions

Item 6ii - Nominees for the GSA ASC

Item 6iii - Nominees for the GSA ERC

Item 6iv - Nominee for the GSAB and GSA NoC

Item 7i - GSA President's Report

Item 7ii - GSA Board Report

Item 7iv - GSA Governance Committee Report

Item 8i - GSA Vice-President Academic's Report

Item 9i - GSA Vice-President External's Report

Item 9ii - GSA Awards Selection Committee Report

Item 10i - GSA Vice-President Labour's Report 

Item 11i - GSA Vice-President Student Service's Report 

Item 15i - GSA Nominating Committee Report

Item 17i - GSA Management's Report


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