Faculty Development


Learning to teach and becoming a teacher is a developmental process. In 2011, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) introduced a new professional development opportunity, the Teaching Scholars Program. The IDEAS Office’s Teaching Scholars Program (TSP) offers courses in teaching and education to support the development of educational scholars within the FoMD by enhancing knowledge and skills in curriculum development, educational scholarship, and academic leadership. 

In 2012, Dr. Carol Hodgson, J. Allan Gilbert Chair in Medical Education and Dr. Pamela Brett-MacLean, AHHM Director, piloted the year-long Fostering Humanism and Professionalism (TSP 007) course developed by Branch et al. (2009), as part of a consortium of 19 medical schools. The Fostering Humanism and Professionalism course has since evolved to include 12 2-hour sessions scheduled over a period of 3-4 months. A wide range of topics are discussed, such as teaching caring attitudes, providing effective feedback, active role modeling, highly functioning teams, mindfulness, and well-being. Course content has been adapted and updated over time. 

Role models are central to the process of enculturation into healthcare professions given the “community of practice” training experiences that frame learning and identity formation. This course provides an opportunity for participants to strengthen their identity as clinical educators who can effectively impart their knowledge and insights about patient-centred care, in part by role modeling humanism and professionalism. 

Experienced within a supportive, small group setting, the Fostering Humanism and Professionalism curricular approach provides a stimulating framework for “experiential learning of skills and reflective exploration of values”. Being engaged in an ongoing, dynamic progress of reflecting on educational, teaching, and clinical experiences in relation to one’s personal and professional values, and sense of purpose, helps participants clarify and revitalize their commitment to humanism and professionalism.

This course has been offered to faculty, fellows and residents. Most recently, it was offered as an interprofessional faculty development course.

Notice of the next upcoming course will be distributed via FoMD Department Chairs and relevant listservs.