Non-credit certificates

Non-Credit Credentialing Framework

The University of Alberta recently developed a Non-Credit Credential Framework to guide program development and provide clarity of the GFC approval requirements. The Office of Lifelong Learning participated in the campus-wide task force that reviewed the process. This initiative supports the strategic priorities of life-long learning, financial sustainability, and community engagement. The development of non-credit credentials is also a means to meet labour market demands and to support skill development.

The proposed Non-Credit Credential Framework guides and supports this work through the following principles:

  • Consistency: A common understanding within the university and in communications materials about what constitutes a non-credit credential.
  • Quality: Guidance available on best practice for professional development in terms of program structure, pedagogy and credentials.
  • Rigour: A transparent and effective oversight process in place for creation of new credentials.
  • Ease: Sufficient information and systems in place to support the development of non-credit credentials in a timely, effective, and efficient way.

The Framework was approved by General Faculties Council (GFC) on May 25, 2020. The final, approved Non-Credit Credential Framework is posted on the Program Changes and Approvals page of the Provost's Office website.

Non-Credit Certificates

Non-credit certificates are offered and administered largely by a Division or Department and most frequently in the setting of continuous professional development. Departments and programs in the Faculty that want to deliver non-credit certificates are required to submit an application to the Office of Lifelong Learning, FoMD.

In order to have a centralized and standardized model for non-credit certificates offered at the FoMD there is a new approval process.

Following review by the Department Chair, the initial submission is reviewed by the Associate Dean, Office of Lifelong Learning. Changes to the previous application process include sending the submission to the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) to ensure compliance from governance and government perspective. Following internal approval by the Deans Executive Committee (DEC) the proposal will be presented by the program lead and a FoMD authority to the GFC-ASC Subcommittee on Standards (SOS) and to GFC-ASC for final approval.

View the new approval process for non-credit certificates here.

Approved applications are able to provide learners with Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Certificates. Departments are asked to provide on an annual basis, a list of updated program changes to the Office of Lifelong Learning, FoMD by July 1 of each year.

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