Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the MatCH Program. If you do not see your question here, please contact the MatCH Program Administrator for further information.

Program & Application

How is the MatCH Program different from other graduate programs?

The MatCH Program allows students to experience different supervisor styles and lab environments prior to selecting a supervisor for the duration of their degree. The Program also provides insight into multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary work, and allows for collaboration between students and various labs and projects.

How many intakes does the MatCH Program have each year?

The MatCH Program typically has two intakes per year, in Fall and Winter semesters. Deadlines and application details can be found here.

Do I need a graduate degree to apply to the MatCH Program?

No. The minimum degree requirement is an undergraduate degree. Some applicants have already completed graduate degrees, but regardless of the degree completed, admission GPA will be calculated on the last 60 credits or two years of course work (including open studies). Students must list all of their education in the online application system, with corresponding transcripts.

Is my GPA high enough for admission into the MatCH Program?

If you send a scanned copy of your transcripts or marksheets (including grading scales and any failed courses) to the MatCH Program Administrator at, your admission GPA can be calculated to determine if you qualify for the program. Please allow a minimum of 7-10 business days for GPA calculation requests.

I completed courses outside of my degree (or for transfer credit), do I have to include them in the education section of my application?

Yes. You must disclose all academic education from all past and present universities, colleges, and post-secondary institutions attended (including the University of Alberta). Any transcripts associated with the education must also be uploaded to your application (including original transcripts for transfer credits). Uploaded documents must comply with FGSR's Application Requirements for Academic Documents criteria.

Is there an application fee?

Yes. The application fee is $100 CAD and is due upon submission of your application. The application system is accessed through the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research.

When should I apply?

It is a good idea to submit your application using the online system at least two weeks prior to the application deadline so your referees have time to submit their references. Applications are not considered complete without three references (preferably two academic and one professional).

Do I need a GMAT score to apply to the MatCH Program?

No. Please review the prospective student section applicable to you ( International Applicants or Canadian Applicants) for documentation requirements.

Should I contact my references for their letters?

No. The application system will automatically email the referees you have input in your application, but only once the application is submitted and the application fee is paid. It is a good idea to contact your referees to let them know you will be applying and to expect an email (and to check their spam folders if this is not received). The application will not be considered complete unless references are submitted prior to the deadline.

Do I have to confirm a supervisor prior to admission to the MatCH Program?

No. The MatCH Program allows students to rotate through three different labs in their first semester, and then a supervisor is chosen.

Do I have to contact the supervisors I'm interested in rotating with myself?

No. All communications with supervisors should come from the MatCH Office. However, if a supervisor has suggested a student consider the MatCH Program, that is perfectly acceptable. Once an application is submitted, the student is to submit the names of five supervisors (in order of preference) that they're interested in working with to the MatCH Program Administrator at

A supervisor I'd like to rotate with isn't listed on the MatCH website as a potential supervisor. Can I still rotate with them?

Yes, as long as they are appointed in one of the participating departments and have sufficient time devoted to research in their position. Include their name on your list of preferred supervisors and the MatCH Administrator will contact them to see if they are interested in participating in the program.

If I'm applying to MatCH through the department of my choice and don't get admitted, do I have to reapply to that department? Or can I still be admitted to that department without initiating a new application?

If an applicant is not offered admission to the MatCH Program, their application will be forwarded to the department of their initial application for review; there is no need to reapply. These applications will be subject to the requirements of the admitting department, so students should review the application guidelines of the department they're applying to carefully prior to submitting their application (for example, the Department of Pediatrics requires that a student secure a supervisor prior to admission).

What happens if I don't find a supervisor after my rotations?

If a student is unable to find a permanent thesis supervisor after four rotations, they may be required to withdraw from the program. Admission to the MatCH program does not guarantee that a student will be accepted into a laboratory for thesis work. However, it is extremely rare for an accepted student to fail to find a suitable laboratory to join.

My medical degree was issued from outside Canada. Can I apply to the MatCH Program to train to practice medicine in Canada?

If you are interested in practicing medicine in Canada, you will need to apply through the Alberta International Medical Graduate Program.


If the MatCH Program is only two years long, do I have to complete my degree in that time frame?

The duration of the MatCH Program refers only to the stipend support, not the duration of degrees. A student must be enrolled for a minimum of two years for an MSc, and four years for a PhD. It is at the supervisor's discretion if they choose to provide the student with a stipend after these timeframes.

Will my degree take a longer amount of time than a normal MSc/PhD because of the rotation semester?

The duration of your degree depends on the nature of your project, and some projects will take longer than others. Degree completion times are not impeded by the rotation semester of the MatCH Program.

Tuition & Fees

Are tuition costs higher for the MatCH program than for an MSc in one of the three participating departments?

No, tuition fees depend on whether you are an international or domestic student. More information on tuition can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research website.

Does the MatCH Program pay my tuition?

No. However, if you are an international student, the MatCH Program offers tuition remission for international tuition differential.

Can I have my tuition deducted off my stipend?

Yes. You will receive an email stating that your fees are overdue, however, the MatCH stipend is issued as a Graduate Research Assistantship Fellowship (GRAF). if you are appointed as a GRAF, your outstanding tution will automatically be split into 6 equal payments and deducted from your cheque. More information (including deduction schedules) can be found here.

Am I allowed to apply for external awards as a MatCH Student?

Yes. MatCH students are encouraged to apply for whatever awards for which they may be eligible. If an award is won, the amount of the award will be deducted from the student's stipend, not added to it. More information regarding awards can be found at the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research and the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Research Awards Office.