Health Promoting Learning & Work Environments

Influencing transformation in learning and work environments in pervasive ways, so that it is health-promoting for all, enabled by policies, processes, procedures, and accountabilities.

Five-year vision (January 1, 2027)

  • The University of Alberta MD program has a national reputation as a safe, inclusive, and supportive place for those who learn & work there.

Three-year picture (January 1, 2025)

  • An educational strategy is used effectively to promote psychological safety, enhance professionalism, deconstruct structural discrimination (esp. antiracism), and address mistreatment for all involved in MD program contexts.
  • A communication strategy is implemented for students, staff, and faculty to understand how reporting data is used, feel safe to report mistreatment without fear of repercussion, and access mechanisms for prevention and resolution.
  • An HPLWE group in the MD program monitors and reports on an audit tool, annual survey and other HPLWE metrics for students, staff, and faculty.

One-year plan (January 1, 2023)

  • Current policies, processes, procedures, and accountabilities that support or endanger psychological safety and health in learning and work environments are reviewed and refined.
  • Anonymous “hot spot” surveys, ad-hoc low-stakes reporting, and post-course feedback sessions monitor experiences and perspectives of all in learning and work environments that involve medical students.
  • HPLWE metrics are used by the MD program and key partners to foster change based on a growth mindset.

Possible metrics

  • Hotspot surveys (for both concerns and accolades) and adhoc low-stakes reporting by location.
  • Annual survey of students, staff, and faculty re well-being, engagement, mistreatment, discrimination and burnout.
  • Learning and workplace metrics including the number of sick days, leaves of absence, and attrition.
  • Reports of mistreatment by GQ (ASQ), show steady improvement and remain lower than the national average.
  • Audits showing consistency in UA learning environments as inclusive and supportive places to learn and work.