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Learn Polish language, literature and culture in the strongest program in Western Canada!

Polish today is the state language of the Republic of Poland, as well as the large Polish Diaspora all over the world, and it is thriving and expanding like never before.

Students with a good knowledge of Polish have new opportunities both in Canada and within Poland. Business, law firms, and government agencies express interest in people who know Polish. Whether you want to teach English as a second language in Poland, work or study there, or in other countries of the European Union, knowing the Polish language and culture is indispensable.

Our Polish area offers exciting exchange programs with two top Polish universities, summer language study programs, and hands-on learning through internships at the Polish Consulate in Vancouver and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland.

General Undergraduate questions can be directed to mlcsug@ualberta.ca or to Dr. Alla Nedashkivska, our Slavic Advisor (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian) at alla.nedashkivska@ualberta.ca.


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