Study Ukrainian

Now offered in a blended-learning format.

Click here to learn more about our blended learning courses.

You may also want to peruse through our beginners’ language textbook PodorozhiUA, which is online and uses the blended-learning approach.

Check out our exciting U2 Ukraine (in Poland) study abroad program. Several scholarships are available.

Some courses qualify for the following certificates:

Or, you may want to pursue one of the following minors:

  • a minor in Ukrainian 12*
  • a minor in Ukrainian Folklore 12*
  • a minor in Central/East European studies 15*

Several awards to reward students' success!

Ukrainian language achievement scholarship
$300 each for top two-three students in our Ukrainian language courses at the University of Alberta 

General Undergraduate questions can be directed to or to Dr. Alla Nedashkivska, our Slavic Advisor (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian) at