French Placement Test Procedures

Once registered for the French Placement test, it will be accessible on your eClass account.

  • To log into eClass, please use your CC ID and password.
  • Complete both the grammar component and the comprehension questions related to the video "Funambule" (the videoclip and questions are in the "Funambule" folder on the test homepage).
  • Keep in mind that once you have started, you have one hour to complete each component of the test and that accent marks must be used when required. Failure to finish the test within one hour or to use accents will invalidate your test score.
Once you have completed the tests, please consult the placement chart to determine your placement and/or email if you need advice regarding placement.

  • If you have NO previous experience with French, you do not need to take the test and should register directly in FREN 111.
  • Students with FRENCH 30 cannot receive credits for FREN 111 & 112.
  • Native speakers or French immersion students (k-12) typically go directly into our French content classes (FREN 300+).
  • Students with extensive immersion experience and those placing high on the scale (212 and above) are strongly encouraged to email (with their test results) as a written or oral assessment might be needed for accurate placement.