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Search the University of Alberta Museums collections through one accessible website. Using keyword or advanced searches, you will be able to filter your results based on museum collections, materials, and more. The new URL is - - start discovering the University of Alberta Museums today!

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Museum collections available to search:

  • Anne Lambert Clothing and Textiles Collection
  • Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives
  • Bryan/Gruhn Archaeology Collection
  • Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology
  • Dentistry Museum Collection
  • E.H. Strickland Entomological Museum
  • Fossil Hominid Cast Collection
  • Freshwater Invertebrate Collection
  • Laboratory for Vertebrate Paleontology
  • Mactaggart Art Collection
  • Meteorite Collection
  • Museum of Zoology - Amphibians and Reptile Collection
  • Museum of Zoology - Ichthyology Collection
  • Museum of Zoology - Mammalogy Collection
  • Museum of Zoology - Ornithology Collection
  • Paleobotanical Collection
  • Soil Science Collection
  • UAlberta Museums Art Collection
  • Vascular Plant Herbarium
  • W.G. Hardy Collection of Ancient Near Eastern and Classical Antiquities
  • Zooarchaeology Reference Collection

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a new search site! Why the change?

We're so glad you noticed! The University of Alberta Museums (UAlberta Museums) unit staff have been working hard over the last year to create a brand new single-point-of-access search site that will encourage easy access, exploration, and discovery of UAlberta Museums collections in an online environment. There are a number of benefits to us creating a new single-point-of-access search site:

  • Eliminating technology risks - replacing the outdated websites will eliminate the risk of these sites failing unexpectedly due to unsupported software.
  • Increasing functionality - creating functional and accurate search systems will reduce demands placed on UAlbertaMuseum staff time and finances to troubleshoot existing sites. A single-point-of-access search site increases efficiency, eliminating redundant maintenance across multiple sites.
  • Increasing accessibility - better SEO (search engine optimization) and web accessibility standards will improve visibility of the site on the web and create a better usability experience for all types of users.
  • Improving usability - designing this search site to be an innovative online tool and single-point-of-access for all museum collections will make it easier for audiences to explore the breadth and diversity of UAlberta museum collections.
  • Strengthening trust - engaging audiences through the search site will enhance and build trust in the UAlberta Museums institutional brand reputation amongst existing and new users of the UAlberta Museums collection search site.
Why a single-point-of-access approach to this search site?

A single-point-of-access site was chosen to increase awareness of the diversity of museum collections on campus and facilitate cross-collection discoveries. Uniting the majority of registered museum collections on-campus online for the first time helps to achieve the UAlberta Museums' strategic objectives, and also contribute to UAlberta's overarching Strategic Plan For the Public Good.

Having all of the museum collections in one online search site is a more efficient use of staff time and resources: site maintenance tasks and features can be shared to benefit all participating collections.

Will all of the museum collections be available on the new search site?
Our goal is to provide web access to all registered museum collections, but since this is a big task, we started with the collections that already had an existing individual search site. Others will continue to be added in the upcoming months. Registered museum collections need to have their collection data in the Mimsy collections management system before they can be included on the new search site.
Will the number of museum collection records available online increase?

Since some collections have never had a web presence, by virtue of their inclusion the number of records will increase.

Creating new object records in the registered museum collections, however, is still the responsibility of individual registered museum collections and is out of scope for this project. The intention of a single-point-of-access search site is to increase the visibility of all the museum collections on campus, and it should not stop registered museum collections from increasing their own records.

As long as the museum collection data is in Mimsy, our intention is to include it in this search site.

What features will be included when the search site is launched?
Our primary purpose is to have a search site that can produce search results and produce them accurately. We want to ensure we have a solid foundation for the search site that we can continue to build and grow in future phases. We will aim to have all the basic features that were found on the individual search sites to start with and then grow from there. We are always open to suggestions - so feel free to add them to our feedback survey.
How can I request changes, edits, additions to the search site?
We are pleased to offer this feedback form, and we encourage visitors to use it to provide us with helpful information regarding the usability, formatting, and information found on the new single-point-of-access search site. Additionally, you can email or call Jill Horbay ( or 780.492.3802) and we will log suggestions for consideration.
What will happen to the existing individual museum collection search sites?
As of September 30, 2020, the existing individual museum collection search sites will no longer be available via the UAlberta Museums website or direct link. They have served their purpose well for the last 10+ years and need to be retired along with the servers they are on. The single-point-of-access search site contains all of the same data that could have been found on the existing individual sites - so it's up to the task of helping you with your search!

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Communications and Marketing Manager