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Recent theft of catalytic converters

There have been recent incidents of thefts of catalytic converters in the Edmonton area. If you see suspicious activity in a parking lot, contact UAPS.

Grounds for citation appeal

Paying for parking after you've been issued a citation is not acceptable grounds for appeal.

Pay for parking using Interac Debit

Campus visitors who use HonkMobile can now choose Interac Debit as a form of payment through their digital wallet (Apple Pay or Google Pay).

Select areas to be designated paid parking on South Campus

The majority of parking spaces remain free of charge

Parking Services open for in person service

Effective September 1, our Lister Centre office will be open at reduced hours with all of our services continuing to be available online.

Windsor Car Park access barriers

Parking Services has installed access barriers on level 6 of the Windsor Car Park in order to manage unauthorized use of the upper levels after hours.

Parking Services moves online

Due to COVID-19, all of our services have been moved online and our Lister Centre office will only be open Fridays from 8 am–12 pm for in-person appointments.

Learn about afternoon parking permits

Afternoon parking permits are available at UAlberta. Find out more.

Electric vehicle charging station rates

Rates are $2.00 per hour.

Don't be a victim of bike theft

Tips to help prevent you from becoming a victim of bike theft.

Protect yourself from vehicle theft

Theft from vehicles is an ever-present threat. Be sure to take the appropriate steps to limit this risk and protect your vehicle and belongings.

Pay by Honk app or tap sign

Parking Services has partnered with HonkMobile to bring Park & Pay to your phone.