Mass Testing

Researchers at the U of A started mass testing in the 1950s. Then, their goal was to construct personality measures using student samples. Today, mass testing serves a number of purposes. For example, researchers can track changes in the characteristics of students across time, and they can relate any changes to other variables of interest to psychologists or to others. Researchers in the department can also use mass testing to screen for certain psychological characteristics. The mass testing survey is an online survey that can be completed for research participation credit. Mass testing is offered in Fall and Winter semesters.


You will earn one research participation credit (2%). You may have more options for studies to take part in, and thus more flexibility in completing the research participation requirement.


There are no foreseeable risks to taking part.

Completing the Survey

The mass testing survey is only available for a limited time. Dates and signup instructions will be posted in eClass. You can take part in mass testing each semester that you are enrolled in PSYCH 104 or PSYCH 105. Mass testing is not offered in Spring term. Your participation in the mass testing survey involves completing an online survey. You will answer a number of questions concerning your background, attitudes, feelings, and experiences. The entire survey should take no longer than 50 minutes to complete.

Your Rights

Your decision to participate in mass testing is entirely voluntary, and all information collected in the survey will be treated as strictly confidential by each investigator. If any particular questionnaire, or individual question makes you feel uncomfortable, you can feel free to simply skip that question or set of questions. You will still receive credit for participating even if you choose not to answer a particular set of questions or if you decide to withdraw partway through the mass testing survey.

Technical Information

The Mass Testing Survey is comprised of several sections. Each section will be saved upon proceeding to the next section and you will not be able to return to a section once you have moved on. Should your computer lock up or crash before you have finished the survey, upon re-entering you will be forwarded to the part that you were completing when you encountered the problem.