Dental Hygiene Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require letters of reference?
Letters of reference are not required when applying for the Dental Hygiene Diploma program.
Does the Dental Hygiene Program at the University of Alberta have a waiting list that carries over from year to year?
No, the Dental Hygiene Diploma program at the University of Alberta does not have a waiting list for admission. All applicants are in open competition for any given year.
Is it possible to transfer from another Dental Hygiene program to the University of Alberta Dental Hygiene program?
We do not accept any advance standing or transfer students from other Dental Hygiene Diploma programs.
What credit is granted for work completed in a Dental Assistant program or previous work experience in a dental field?
Courses completed in a Dental Assistant program are not university transferable courses and will not be granted advanced credit. No credit will be granted for work experience.
Will a criminal record prevent licensure to practice dental hygiene?
The Registrar of the Provincial licensing body may refuse to issue a license to practice dental hygiene to any applicant possessing a criminal record. If you have any concerns, contact the licensing association of the province you wish to practice in.
Will repeated coursework be included in my OGPA?
If you repeat a course only the first passing grade will be considered. For University of Alberta coursework a grade of D and above is considered passing. Grades of D+, D, D- and F are considered deficient for transfer coursework (i.e. courses not completed at the University of Alberta). If a passing graded is attained no credit will be granted if the course is attempted again.